JJ Bottineau

JJ is a twenty-something-year-old trying to leave the best digital impression he can. Ironically, his online presence is lackluster but he still enjoys writing about anything interesting whenever he gets a chance. A Y2K transplant, he calls Saskatoon home.

Bubble Tea, YXE

Bubble tea isn’t something necessarily new to Saskatoon, but many people unfamiliar with this Taiwanese-created…

The Roxy Theatre is the Wintertime Place to Go

When the weather fluctuates as much as it does here in Saskatoon, sometimes it’s more difficult to make plans than one would think. It could be freezing cold today and surprisingly warm tomorrow; constantly yet unexpectedly switching between ice, slush and snow. The best thing to do is to adapt, but sometimes making the best out of an environmentally unfriendly day is exhausting.