Anne McIsaac

Mustard, saffron, gold- no matter how you slice it Anne McIsaac’s got a thing for the sunnier side of the colour spectrum. A Photo Artist and Art Director from Montreal, she’ll testify to that fact that magic always happens at yellow o’clock. Proof in point: a bright umbrella is the perfect anecdote to stormy weather. Collecting shades of citron from Bangkok to Tunisia to Tofino, her oeuvre emanates positive vibes on the plenty. True, when life gives you shades of lemon you’ll evidently have a bright body of work, but it’s also sunny disposition that lights up her feed. For capturing lakeside nights that start poetically to iconic Quebecoise architecture, Anne and her camera could roam the world everyday, forever. Fed by her long experience as an advertising and graphic design Art Director, her understanding of the clients’ needs combined to a fresh and personal signature, her input in the last four years as a Digital Influencer has been appreciated by many destinations and brands. Following a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design at Université du Québec à Montréal, she co-founded a communications agency in 1989 which she co-directed for 10 years. In year 2000 she continued offering agency services on her own, collaborating with diverse talents to deliver complete visual communications tools to clients from all trades.